15 Fast Facts about Washington

Learn a bit more about the Evergreen State

Facts about Washington

Washington is the 18th largest state in the United States. Washington produces more apples than any other state in the USA. Home to Amazon, the Seahawks, and the Space Needle, here are 15 fast facts about Washington.

Fast Facts about Washington:

  1. Capital: Olympia
  2. U.S. State Abbreviation: WA
  3. Admission to Statehood: November 11, 1889
  4. # State to Enter Union: 42nd
  5. Time Zone(s): Pacific
  6. Nickname: The Evergreen State
  7. Largest City: Seattle
  8. Number of Representatives: 10
  9. Bird: Eastern Goldfinch
  10. Flower: Pink Rhododendron
  11. Flag Colors: Green (with the state seal in the center)
  12. Demonym: Washingtonian
  13. Border States: Idaho and Oregon
  14. Population (2013): 6,971,406; Rank: 13 of 50
  15. Motto/Slogan: Alki (bye and bye)

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