April 18, 2024
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Fast facts about Arizona

15 Fast Facts about Arizona

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Arizona is the 6th largest state in the United States. Home to the Grand Canyon National Park, the bola tie, and the Four Corners, here are 15 fast facts about Arizona.

Fast Facts about Arizona:

  1. Capital: Phoenix
  2. U.S. State Abbreviation: AZ
  3. Admission to Statehood: February 14, 1912
  4. # State to Enter Union: 48th
  5. Time Zone(s): Mountain
  6. Nickname: The Grand Canyon State
  7. Largest City: Phoenix
  8. Number of Representatives: Nine
  9. Bird: Cactus wren
  10. Flower: Saguaro cactus blossom
  11. Professional Sports Teams: Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, and the Phoenix Mercury
  12. Demonym: Arizonian
  13. Border States: California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah
  14. Population (2020): 7,278,717; Rank: 14 of 50
  15. Motto/Slogan: Ditat Deus (God Enriches)

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