15 Fast Facts about Alaska

Alaska is as wide as the contiguous 48 states.

Fast Facts about Alaska

Alaska has the largest land area in the United States followed by Texas and California. Alaska is about one-fifth the size of the entire U.S. and is as wide as the contiguous 48 states. In Alaska, there is approximately 1 bear to every 21 people. For you fans of the biggest state in the union, here are 15 fast facts about Alaska.

Fast Facts about Alaska:

  1. Capital: Juneau
  2. U.S. State Abbreviation: AK
  3. Admission to Statehood: 1959
  4. # State to Enter Union: 49th
  5. Time Zone(s): Alaskan
  6. Nickname: North to the future
  7. Largest City: Anchorage
  8. Number of Representatives: One
  9. Bird: Willow Ptarmigan
  10. Flower: Forget-me-not
  11. Professional Sports Teams: None
  12. Demonym: Alaskan
  13. Border States: None (Canada)
  14. Population (YEAR): 683,879; Rank: 47 of 50
  15. Motto/Slogan: North to the future

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