June 13, 2024
  • June 13, 2024

15 Awesome Facts about Anime

by on April 25, 2022 0

What is the difference between manga and anime? In a nutshell, manga refers Japanese comic books and graphic novels, while anime is the term given to Japanese animation. Anime includes animated television series, comics, short films and full-length feature films. Now that you know the basics, here are 15 awesome facts about anime programs...

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15 Fascinating Facts about Scotland

by on January 18, 2022 0

Ah Scotland, home of Outlander, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, golf, and so much more. There are several fascinating facts about Scotland. For example, the national flower is the thistle and the country is home to hundreds of castles. In fact, Edinburgh Castle is even built on top of the remains of a...

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15 Fascinating Facts about Chess

by on December 7, 2020 0

Chess, the game of kings (and queens!), is synonymous with strategy, discipline and skill. Played by millions of people around the world from every walk of life, chess is a fascinating topic. Chess has evolved throughout history with the rules of gameplay becoming standardized in the 19th century as chess tournaments began. The 20th...

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